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About Me

A little about me……

I guess I was born to be a photographer, as my memories go right back to when I was a small child and was fascinated by cameras and pictures! My biggest influence would have been my grandfather who loved taking pictures himself; he actually bought me my first camera.

On leaving school, I studied Art & Design in Limerick and then went on to do photography in the University of Cheltenham for three years, and remained in the UK for another seven years.

Another passion of mine would be travelling; I’ve been far and wide to date including parts of Asia and southern Africa, even the many islands of Hawaii but of course there are loads more still to see.

I also enjoy food and love to cook; some of my favourite dishes would be Goulash and Schnitzel, a bit of German influence I guess (thank you Mum).

If there is any spare time I play tennis or can be found in front of the TV watching wildlife programmes.

I really love taking pictures, capturing that moment, making it a memory.  Everything that comes to mind, couples in love, about to get married, children playing (particularly if they are unaware of the camera), family pets, still-life…..anything at all really!

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