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The beauty of Sika Deer

I enjoy spending time on my family’s farm watching the deer from the house, which overlooks the fields. My favourite time of year is spring when the deer regains their white dotted light brown coat, which reminds me of the famous fawn “Bambi”. The fawns are born around May, which brings much joy and happiness when we watch them race and play across the field under the watchful eyes of their mothers, as foxes do tend to kill them, but mainly only when they are newborn or sick. A few days ago I spotted a magnificent dog-fox, frozen motionless while having his attention on the herd. The deer stood still as well, ears side ways and forward, forming a perfect tri-angle with the nose. No babies in sight, of course!

Here are the photos of the deer and fawn I took last year and over the recent Bank Holiday. Let me know what you think.

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