Here comes Lucy! – Pet Photography Waterford

When my sister Astrid asked me to take pictures of her new puppy last year, I admit that I sighed “Oh no, not another dog” with three labradors (yep a gold, black and a brown), yet the puppy was not a labrador but a tiny Jack Russel mix. I was flabbergasted and confused, since I only knew Astrid to like larger dogs.

Nevertheless, when I met Lucy I fell in love with her wicked, tumbling and cheeky ways. I am sure you would too. It wasn’t an easy task to take photos as Lucy was so small I had to crouch down and use an old blanket so that I could lie flat on my tummy…and there was a problem. Lucy was delighted to run towards me and lick my face. I told her off quite a few times and managed to take some photos before she charged towards me out of focus.

Astrid had to do some tricks to stop her running into the lens of the camera which was quite exhausting. She gave Lucy a wonderful toy which was a little too big for her size but Lucy, oh Lucy enjoyed posing for me with her toy in her mouth. It was so funny and suited her very well.

Pet dog photography is not easy to shoot depending on their mood but I enjoyed it very much and always look for more. See other dog photography (coming later) I have done.

Leave Lucy a comment. She would appreciate it! Thanks

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