Meet adorable James – Children Photographer Dublin

Sun, sun, sun here we come….I was delighted the weather had finally come out dry with a bit of breeze that I met cute two year old James and his lovely mother Leah in a park. We started taking photos by the fountain and first thing I noted about James was….a cute poser!!! He smiled straight at me not a care that he could have fallen in the water! His mother Leah was always right beside him keeping a watchful eye while he giggled and played with his toy car. The sun shun brightly on his face. He laughed, jumping with delight and began to explore more. He stopped by smelling the flowers in several places while his mother knelt beside him, whispering and smiling.

Photographing children is always a delight. I enjoyed watching the mother and son interact with each other. They clearly enjoyed each others’ company, having a giggle and a wiggle. Have a look and see what I have created! What’s your favourite photo?

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