Meet gorgeous Freya – Dublin Baby Photography

Babies are born and grow so quickly. To Capture and document this progress, baby photography has become very popular. It is a once in a lifetime session to treasure and capture the beauty of a baby before it starts to walk.

I was greeted by a lovely, cute one month old baby, Freya. Her mother Sonja wanted me to do the baby photography in the comfort of her home. I was welcomed into the spacious and almost complete home with fantastic light coming from a big window.

Spending time with a baby withouta rush allows me to capture facial expressions such as crying, yawning, sleeping, looking around and being curious. At barely one month old Freya was not ready to be upright but was almost begining to show a little smile. I photographed her lying down on her back against a plain coloured background, and with the support of her mother’s arm I also took photos of her face, her hand, her ear and her feet.

Freya cradled in her mother’s arm was one of the highlights of this baby photography. I watched the mother look at Freya with love and tenderness. After several shots in different poses I felt I was happy to have taken enough, packed my equipment and almost headed off when I spotted Freya sound asleep in her cot against the window light. Aw! It was just cute and very innocent. I advised Sonja to consider getting more photography sessions when Freya is a couple of months older, and another one after that and another one again, so one could see the transformation from a baby to a toddler.

baby held in mother's armshand holding baby's headmother cradling babybaby on mother's breastbaby sleepingbaby sleeping in cotbaby's feet

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do. I do have more baby photography pictures and ask you to contact me to do a baby photography session of your baby!


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