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Your Portrait Photography Session Options

It's lovely of you to come by and find out what I am offering. As a non-studio based photographer I personally find that it is more fun to take portrait photography session of you, your family, friends and loved ones in your own comfort zone. This could be taken in your own home or at your favourite location. Let's have a look at samples of where these photos were taken to give you more information.

"Studio" like photo session from home.

When I visit your home I look around and find the space to set up a "studio" session using available light or use portable lights with background materials or available wall space. I take great care not to remove any piece of furniture or items without permission.

The photos with the black and white backgrounds were taken using materials and available light. The photos on the right were taken using available wall space with portable lights. Anything is possible.

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Natural light photo session from home.

I wander around the house, follow the child and snap take photos using available light. There's always bound to be a window or two that allow me to stand or kneel against. The children especially are more adabtable in their own environment, play with their own toys or laugh with their parents. I don't tell them what to do as I want them to be their own natural self...be it thoughtful, cheeky, laughing or having a moment.

Also children tend to relax in their own surroundings than the confines of a studio and this is where a client agrees

“We definitely preferred at home. It was great not having to pack all the bits to bring my daughter to the studio (changing bag, snacks, buggy, etc ) I think for small children it’s perfect as they can just do what is normal for them, in the comfort of their own home. I find you don’t need perfect surroundings to get the perfect picture, so it doesn’t matter if you live in a flat or a mansion. Another thing I would add was that with kids that young, they don’t like to stand still or take direction so a studio shoot probably wouldn’t have been a joyful experience, not for us anyway.”

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On location lifestyle portrait session

Ever wanted a creative, artistic photos taken on location? They could be taken in the woods, the park with foliage, the sea during sunset or on the farm.

Photography on location makes for a great day out and have fun.

What happens if it rains?

Yes the Irish weather can be so unpredictable! The idea is to keep an eye on the weather forecast (I use YR app that tells you what time of the day is likely to rain), set the date and time and start enjoying yourselves. If the forecast changes then we would need to reschedule.

Where would the location be?

Look around you. There's bound to be fab flower field, the woods, small quiet road with stones, beautiful tree avenue and even lovely old garage door. There are lots to explore. I ask where you are based and we can advise ideas where to do the photography session (so to check permission is allowed) and what to wear before the date is booked.

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