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Fine Art Album

I must say I was so excited to receive the fine art album in the post that I was lost for words. It looked awesome. The package came in a beautiful arty printed box where the album was stored, but what amazed me was that the album was covered in pure cotton wrapping to keep it clean and away from dust. I had ordered a 10″ x 10″ inch album in cotton paper with a heavyweight cotton cover. It is quite different from having a leather cover album, nevertheless, with this album you can choose leather or silk cover too! And there is an additional size available 12″ x 12″….yes they are only square size!

The fine art album is light in weight.  The colour of the printed photos is amazing and fine without a smudge to be seen. The paper feels heavyweight and special so that you would want to turn the pages over and over again. I had the option to place a number of photos on a template of the company’s own or my own….and what is interesting is that I can add one panoramic image over two pages to create the feel of “I have been there”.

The cotton cover album is just so fine. The colour, the feel and the photo….oh my, the photo looks so real….not a hint of discoloration. I was very please and gave the company full marks for delivering such an amazing account of the stage of where my order was at, through the wet stage, through the binding stage and finally through the delivery stage. Everything the company provided is eco friendly, hand made and professional. I cannot wait to get more orders from my wedding clients.

Have a look at the photos (you need to click on the image to enlarge it. Thanks!) and see what you think! Let me know, and if this is something you are interested in contact me and we can arrange a meet up somewhere over a cup of coffee and I will bring the album along with me.

Not sure of this album? How about the modern leather album that is digitally made with thick paper or the more traditional leather album with mat overlays?



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