Beautiful grounds of University of Cork wedding :: Susan & Ronan

Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland is one of everyone’s favourite mini breaks, but would the wedding day guarantee dry sunny weather in May?!! I was asked to take pictures of the lovely “horse mad” qualified dentists, bride and groom Susan and Ronan, on New Year’s day 2009. Originally from Waterford myself I was delighted to travel to Cork in my free time to view the surroundings of the University of Cork with its own church beside it, the Honan Chapel. I was amazed by the beauty of one of Ireland’s heritage, and it has its own garden in front of the grey stone buildings. The task of visiting the venue was meant to give me an idea of where to park as I was told parking would be very difficult, and I was only allowed to park maximum 3 hours…would that give me enough time, knowing I needed to be there early before the ceremony and after to take pictures of the family with the bride and groom in the grounds before heading off to the Sheraton Hotel. Well, I needn’t worry as I always leave my details in the car for the parking inspector in the hope that he or she would give me the benefit of the doubt that I was urgently needed to take pictures of a very important couple!

The guests arrived on a glorious sunny dry day. Everybody settled in their seats as I waited for the bride to turn up with her two lovely bridesmaids along with two flowergirls and a pageboy. The ceremony was short and sweet…the priest on the wedding couple’s request asked the guests at the church to gather in front of the church so that a group photo could be taken before they proceeded to the hotel reception. It took a bit of organising but I was grateful that all the guests and the happy family stood as advised on the available steps.

The grounds of University of Cork was so empty of students (they were stuck inside doing their important exams) thankfully, so I set off taking pictures of the bride and groom with their family and then the bride and groom alone in other surroundings. There were unbelievable choices to be had, but I had limited time to take a number of shots before the wedding reception meal started at the Spa Hotel Fota island. All in all it was a perfect day to capture all the highlights. I was delighted the couple had fun too and settled down as Husband and Wife!

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