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This is one of the small wedding photography work I did for the bride and groom Caroline and Brendan which took place during the Christmas festive week in 2006. Bentley’s Townhouse (the website still exists) as was formerly known is now called The Cliff Town House has gone through a lot of renovations and still a luxuriouse ideal place for private small wedding reception.

I was asked to take pictures of the groom getting ready (not the bride!) in their home in Booterstown not far from the church, Booterstown Parish. The lads were there to keep Brendan’s nerves at bay whilst greeting each other with a glass of champagne all round. The groom was on his way to travel in his lovely red mini to the church and stopped by the pub for another quick drink. It was a happy occassion meeting some of the guests there until it was time to go inside the church. I waited outside for the bride to arrive with two beautiful bridesmaids. They arrived on time so the ceremony started.

The reception took place in Bentley’s Townhouse located beside St. Stephen’s green. The fire glowed welcoming the bride and groom and guests warmly. There were plenty of oportunities to take pictures in elegant luxurious rooms. The dinner was served in the Oyster and Bar Grill restaurant whilst the drinks were served in the Aviator Lounge.

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