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Trim Castle Weddings – a popular setting for a wedding reception

As a Trim wedding photographer I had the privilege to document a wedding for a lovely young couple, Michelle and Jason. I met them in their home to discuss their wedding requirement in August last year for their wedding this February just gone. Their two adorable daughters, Lia-Hope and Kaci, greeted me in the lounge whilst the groom served me tea. I was advised that their daughters would be flower girls in their festive dresses for the big day, and they were really excited.

Wedding photography began at noon at the bride’s house with the bride getting ready. The day was quite bright with some cloud covering, but that didn’t faze me as I knew it would get better as the day went by. I was greeted by the family of Michelle, her sister, her mother and a couple of friends who were there to support her and acting as bridesmaids. Michelle sat in the kitchen getting her face made up. She was quite nervous but excited at the prospect of getting hitched! There was a bit of hustle and bustle of getting ready as the bridesmaids weren’t yet dressed, and they took their time. The mother came down in her lovely suit and began to dress the eldest daughter of Michelle in her flower dress.

Finally, after I had taken photos here and there, Michelle appeared in her dress on the stairs and was greeted in the lounge by her loved ones. The beautiful classic car was in front of the house ready to pick her up for the journey to Kill, Co. Kildare.

Before the arrival of the bride at the beautiful white washed church St. Brigid’s in Kill, I had the chance to stop in the village pub next door where I was told the groom was having a drink with his friends. I was greeted by the well groomed, happy men, and they gladly posed for me in the typically tradition with a drink of beer in their hand!

On my way back to the church I stopped at the right moment, about 100 metres away when the boys came out of the pub, smiling and ready for the big day.

A little while later the classic car with the bride, drove through the front gate, especially opened for the wedding occassion. It was a lovely scene to see the bride come out with her mother looking happy and radiant, being greeted by her little daughter, followed by the bridesmaids who came in a limousine and her father-in-law with her other daughter.

Inside the lovely quaint church the arrival of the bride walking down the aisle with her daughter holding her hand, brought tears to her groom as to a few others. The wedding ceremony lasted about an hour, and after the signing the registry, the bride and groom finally came out to the open sky of blue and fluffy clouds. I knew this would happen and was pleased to see the blue of the sky against the white church of St Brigid’s. I quickly took photos of the guests among the bride and groom in front of the church, and of course the classic car which was waiting for the journey to bring them to Trim Castle hotel.

Trim castle has become a popular setting for wedding receptions in Trim Castle hotel. As a Trim wedding photographer I understand the beauty of the castle which brings a perfect background setting for weddings or for castle lovers. Trim Castle hotel is located literally right across the road of the Trim Castle ground thus allowing for more time to take photos. Also the hotel has a wonderful roof top garden overlooking the castle which is an ideal setting for couples alone or with family and friends.

We spent about twenty minutes on Wedding Photography in the Trim Castle grounds. The groom had to lift his bride off the ground as she was wearing high heal shoes which were not suitable for grassy land, so he had to bring her to a couple of location for photography shoots. It was funny as the bride was worried that the groom wouldn’t manage the weight, but he sure was strong enough to manage.

After the session we went back inside to gather the family to the roof top garden for the rest of the photos. The light was perfect and I had another opportunity to take few shots of the bride and groom against the backdrop of Trim Castle with the bride’s veil covering the two of them in a sign of love!

Congrats to Michelle and Jason for getting married!




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